One interview transcribed. Only took about 5 and a half hours, absolutely loved revisiting it. There was a lot of valuable information, and although it was painful to listen to on my part for it was the first interview I conducted, I’ve found a lot of areas where I can improve for my fieldwork in the U.S, and thankfully the faults I had didn’t affect the information I got. 

“Mick was a very quite, shy and unassuming man with classical features and a gorgeous face. He never had any airs about him and I can honestly say he remained the same man he was when I first met him until the day he died. He used to personally reply to all his fan letters – which other rock star does that? – and sometimes he’d even ring his fans up. He said: ‘Hi, it’s Mick Ronson here’ and the person on the other end of the line would just think it was a wind-up. He very rarely got people to believe that it was actually him.” - Suzy Ronson

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